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Smash Bros demo went live! One of the benefits of digital, I guess — can still play the NA version, even when living halfway across the world.

…And it plays well! Not sure what I was expecting, but a portable #Smash is pretty addicting. Can’t wait to try out #LittleMac, but #DK and #Link are my old standbys. The end of October might not be so productive for me…

#SmashBros #3DS #2DS #TheVillagerIsJustCreepy

I’ve always been a fan of Tyson Kidd, but its so good to see him really reinvent himself down in NXT right now. I have always felt like he was good enough to create a new character on the main roster, but working in NXT, showing his craft to the new talent — and putting on excellent matches with the likes of Sami Zayn and Adrian Neville — that area has done wonders for him. I really dig his new #FACT gimmick. It’s so simple and so arrogant, but he has really embraced it. 

It’s clear that Triple H is quite high on NXT (considering it’s his creation), and for him to put Tyson in so many main event matches must mean there are big plans for him in the future. 

And as bland and generic as some of the lyrics are to his theme, that almost makes it all the cooler. It’s all over the place with metaphors about rising up and being the last one standing — such Create-A-Wrestler nonsense — but considering how good Kidd is now as a heel, this fits him so much. Seeing him come out all pumped up and really believing his song, it’s almost comical. It really gets him heat, too. 

Not to mention, this is just a great workout song. Tyson has done a great job putting on more size since coming back from his injury. I hope to see the NXT strap on him soon enough, or maybe even a belt on the main roster.

Rising from the ground, echoes of the sound!
Ashes of the past form the present, and the future is now!

Can’t wait ‘till another goes down, I am the path of destruction, and I’m here right now!

Clouds roll in, the storm is raging deep in me again.
The sun blocked out, and I’m left without a shadow of a doubt.
The flame of fate ignited, burning deep within!

Rising from the ground, echoes of the sound!
Ashes of the past form the present, and the future is now!

Can’t wait ‘till another goes down, I am the path of destruction, and I’m here right now!

High up, until I hit the ground.
Then I will shatter the walls, until it all comes down now.
Rise up, cause I can finally see.
That I’m the last one standing, and I’m here right now.


THANK YOU for making Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles the #1 movie in the world!

It comes out in Korea in less than a week — I get to relive the premiere all over again. I’m just going to bask in this moment as long as I can.


Pierce Brosnan Plays GoldenEye 007 With Jimmy Fallon

James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan recently appeared on American TV show Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.

A bit old news — but so cool and worth sharing.

I was never a big FPS fan until TimeSplitters came to my attention, but I’ve since gone back and played this original game (developed by the same team, more or less) — and this is just cool to see. How awesome it must be to play GoldenEye with James Bond himself. 

Michael Bradley. “The Architect” of the US Men’s National Team. He has to be playing his best game against Portugal and Germany. We do rely on him too much, but the bottom line is — without him, the US time fundamentally could fall apart. 

More-so than his performance, I love this guy for his personality, and this video really shows that. 

I was not and still am not a fan of his father, Bob Bradley — our former US coach during the 2010 World Cup. I just felt like Bob cutting Brian Ching was rather stupid, and his overall attitude was one that I just didn’t like. But Michael is incredible — such a humble and kind person, and clearly a great family man. He really defines himself as a father and a husband, which is so special.

SeeYouOnSunday (actually, Monday morning for me with my timezone haha). Let’s outplay Portugal and get 3 more points.

Never had a proper reign, but at least history will show he was a World Champion. Here’s hoping he makes a 2014 return soon!

(via wrestlingchampions)

Thank you, Deuce. Thank you so much.

"For me, living abroad, and seeing different cultures — it’s really made me the person I am today." 

"When I first made the decision to go abroad, it wasn’t because just for money or anything like that, it was mostly to increase my view of the world. I was able to gain a lot through all of these experiences."

Another one of the 23 men representing the United States in this World Cup, and a true inspiration. I can certainly relate to his will to get outside of his comfort zone and to see the world — not just to understand other cultures and meet new people, but to learn more about yourself. That’s been the most beneficial thing that has happened to me since I traveled outside of the US — it allowed me to find out who I truly was. 

Alejandro Bedoya. 

"But there’s one trademark characteristic the US always brings to every World Cup — they BELIEVE. And so do the fans."

What a great line. And it’s so true. I think more-so than any other team in this World Cup, the US team is unpredictable, and when the odds are against us — we perform well. 

"This will come as a surprise to nobody, but I don’t agree with Jurgen," Donovan said. "And as someone who has been in that [USMNT] locker room and has sat next to the players, we agree with the American Outlaws: We believe that we will win. I think that’s the way Americans think and I think that’s the sentiment."

It’s criminal he won’t be on the field in Brazil, but I also respect Jurgen and I think this is potentially the best team the US has ever sent off.

I. I believe. I believe that. I believe that we. I believe that we will. I believe that we will win.